October 29, 2007

my rae lyn is...

to all the people who knew and loved my rae lyn..i'm so sorry to tell all of you that she is no longer here with us all. rae had an accident coming home from california on saturday night. she passed away and won't be able to say good bye to you..i know she loved her computer and phone and all her friends who cared so much for her. please know that we want you to feel free to post any comments and we will keep them for rae. and you please keep her memory always in your hearts. she loves you...if you want to know any funeral details please email pamcassedy@hotmail.com
love mom

October 19, 2007

halloween time!

So, I'm suppose to be going to lunch with a couple of friends from high school right now. They called and pushed the time back though so I had time to jump on here. I've been working on getting a bunch of littlemail packages together the past few days to send to a bunch of my friends. Nothing too special, I just think it's fun to send random mail sometimes because it's always fun to get mail. ok, well I never get fun mail, but like sending it out haha. I should be writing a paper on schizophrenia instead. That just sounds like no fun though at the moment. Anyways, I also made this last night to send out to one of my friends that got married in September., I missed her wedding so I thought I should send her something.

You'veprobably noticed before that I love skulls and I love Halloween. I just love walking through the stores right now when they have all of the halloween stuff out! I stictehd these two little matching skulls last night. They'remade out of felt, i like the way they turned out.
And last but not least, of course I went crazy and bought tons of random stuff at Target. Everything from a table runner and palcemats to a shower curtain, towels, potholder, picture frames, litttle kickballs, and pez dispenser. Yeah, I'm a little crazy haha!

October 15, 2007

this little one is so hard to take pictures of nowadays. She just moves all over the place too fast and if you do happen to catch her attention she tries to grab the camera. these are from yesterday. I like her cute faces in them.
These two are of the girls playing with my cousin's dogs. We all went over there yesterday before they left to Jamaica. I guess I spoke too soon when I was talking about wedding fever though yesterday because today my best friend informed me that apparently she got engaged over the past 2 days and is going to get married now too. I'm pretty much the only single one now. I'm slightly jealous haha. But there's plenty of time.

October 14, 2007

wedding mania

alright, so I have been completely slacking on updating anything on here lately. I read everyone else's pages but, I never think anyone reads my blog so I just forget to put anything up. I have mainly just beendong lots of school sine it started again. Now it's halfway throught the semester. I'm doing much better than last year. Well, it's pretty easy to do seeing as how last year I stopped going and failed out of my classes. This year I told myself I had to be into it though so I actually make it to my classes and have been getting A's on everything. Other than that I've just been haning out and doing the usual. I ordered a new truck a couple weeks ago. I had been looking around and waiting for about a month and they never got a black one in like I wanted so I finally just ordered one. Should be here in a few weeks. I'm excited but I'll miss my little neon. I need to get a job like pronto though to make the payments. Of course, I've been trying to geta decent job for like a year or more now though. I'm having terrible luck.
In good news though, wedding fever seems to be in the air lately. A lot of my friends from high school have gotten married this year. It's kind of strange actually. So, here are a few pictures from my friend Kelli's wedding that was a few weeks back and then from last night's wedding of my cousin Nick.

September 5, 2007

baby blue eyes

I could just eat her up. She will be 8 months in a week. Still has no teeth but a couple weeks ago she finally started to crawl. now she thinks she's big and bad. Yesterday night we caught her standing up in the middle of the floor only holding onto a wagon handle. Love ehr to pieces though. Her big sister has her birthday this saturday. It will be a busy day. I have a baby shower to go to that day, then Tabitha's party, and a wedding later that night. I got the designated job of making Tabitha's cake. I'm instructed that it must be pink all over and be my little ponies. I can't believe she is already turning four. Anywho, this is a icture of little Maddy Moo from last Sunday.
I mentioned that I have a baby shower this weekend too. So the past couple days I have been working on a couple baby blankets for my friend Ashley. This one below is sewn together but needs to be cut for the frayed edges still.

Oh, this was a remnant that was on sale so I had to get it. I love it but I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.
So, this is pretty much all I've been up to lately. Well, this and school of course. Classes started last week. My classes are good besides the math one. But, hopefully I'll get through it since I need it for a class I need next semester. I spend atleast a few hours doing my homework each night for that one. For the most part the rest are easy so far though because they are the exact same things I took last year. Atleast I am being more motivated and going this time around!

August 20, 2007


Sorry for the huge lack of updating recently. I haven't been home very much the past few weeks. I don't really have anything too exciting to say that I've done though. Just been hanging out and doing the usual stuff such as going to the movies, lots of eating out, and off roading. I have to start school in a week so I've been just tyring to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I relaly am not looking forward to going back to school too much. I need to find a job that can fill up the other days too. I seem to have bad luck in that area. Anyway, that is a little of what I have been up to. I'll write more updates later, promise!

August 1, 2007

swing, swing, swing

So, it appears I have been lacking on the updates. I've finally been busy doing more than sitting around the house. Feels good to finally get out and have some fun. The other night I went out to the Cheesecake Factory and played some guitar hero 'til 3 in the morning. Definitely fun but I am not very skilled at playing it! Yesterday went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. Then we went swinging at a park. I love to swing haha. Just some good ol' fun like when you are a kid. After that we went to the strip. Played at gameworks and then headed over to Bellagio. That seems to be the place of interest with ever group I go out with these days. That's okay though because I could watch the fountains for hours. Anyway here's a few more pics from last night.

July 25, 2007

quick post

So today I went to West Elm with my sister. So then of course I had to come home and do some online browsing on other sites. There's too many things I want. Like this:

These are just a couple pictures from the afternoon.

Now, I have to go watch the end of So you think you can dance!

July 24, 2007

my 4's

4 jobs I've had
1. bath & body works
2. watching sister's kids all day
3. currently needing job haha
4. that's all...

4 Movies I can watch over and over
1. Miss Congeniality
2. A Walk to Remember
3. Grease
4. Pearl Harbor

4 Places I've lived
1. Las Vegas
2. Las Vegas
3. Las Vegas
4. Las Vegas

4 TV Shows I enjoy
1. Anything on Discovery Health
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. America's Next Top Model
4. Ellen Show

4 Places I've been on Vacation
1. Washington DC
2. Cali
3. Nauvoo/Missouri
4. Wyoming

4 Favorite Restaurants
1. Cheesecake Factory
2. Macayos
3. Black Angus
4. Metro Pizza

4 Websites I visit Daily
1. blogs
2. email
3. myspace
4. during school- unlv email

4 places I'd rather by right now
1. at the beach in Cali
2. travelling the world i.e. Italy, France, Japan, Hawaii, etc
3. at lunch at one of those restaurants above with some good company
4. on a fun roadtrip

4 People that I think will do this......
1. Kathy
2. I think the rest of the few people that read my blog have aleady done it
3. But if you haven't, then it's your turn!
4. ready, set go!

July 22, 2007

what I've been up to

There was some off roading racing going on this weekend at the Speedway. Thursday night they all had their trucks down on Freemont though to look at and were doing signings and stuff, so we all went down to that. Some people down there on Freemont street scare me, I tell ya. lol I was going to go to the races with my sister and her husband but ended up not going. A lot of people went to these particular races because Jesse James, who is married to Sandra Bullock was racing and they wanted to try to see her. So they were pretty sold out. Anyway...here's a pic from Thursday. I have dreams of owning a black trick one day. Well, that and a nice fast car too haha.
This week was filled with tons of scrapbooking! On Wednesday we had the monthly scrapbooking get together for our ward at our house as usual. Then since we had all of the scrapbooking stuff all over the house we scrapbooked the rest of the weekend too. I need to get started on making a mini album for my friend who's having a baby.She lives in Utah so I'll have to get it sent to her soon. I made lots of cards this weekend also. Really simple and fast, but I just wanted to send some fun mail to people. I love getting random fun mail, so I try to send cards or something to a few people every so often.
I saw Hairspray on Friday night. It was good, nothing can ever replace Grease though! One of my all time favorites. I still remember watching it almost every day at my grandma's when we were little and imitating all of the dances and singing. Fun memories. Last night we watched both of the Bourne movies 'til 2 in the morning. Getting ready for the third one, The Bourne Ultamatim that comes out in a couple weeks.

Oh, one last thing. Of course, being the baker that I am lol...I decided I wanted to try to make a cake using fondant instead of regular frosting. That stuff is harder to work with then it looks! I would have never guessed. The bow did not turn out so great. But for a first try it works.

July 21, 2007

a little self reflecting.

Been trying to stay positive, but man I'm just not enjoying life at the moment. Probably shouldn't make a post about it. However, I'm sitting home with nothing to really do so here I am writing. Don't get me wrong I have a lot to be thankful for and I am, I'm just bummed about some certain things right now. One of them being that I need a good job. The last place I went for an interview the woman's frist words to me were that I looked younger than I appeared on paper. Hmm... what to do, what to do. That's not too troubling though, I'll manage.
What's got me bummed the most is that I'm jsut in need of a good laugh with a friend. Losing a best friend is hard. Being super close to someone than having them lie and not care and say hurtful things is never fun. Wish things could be different, however I'm trying to look on the bright side and tell myself what happens happens for a reason. I've never been close with anyone else though and don't really talk to anyone. So I just need to get out more.

That is enough gloomy thoughts for now.

July 19, 2007

what a little nut

During the day this is what my life consists of.....

Tabitha the actress. Scene of the day: man crashing on his bike. First we get the face during his crash here. Next she proceeded to pull down her eyes with her fingers which was his hurt face. I'll skip putting that one on because it's kind of gross looking with her eyes yeah...lol Seconds later she was on the ground "dead" and I had to call the abulance. She's definitely not lacking an imagination haha!

OH, and here is her "boyfriend"---He's one of those stuffed pouting dolls that my mom has but she calls him her boyfriend and carries him around the house with her. He;s falling apart now.
Here she is dancing with her man. Notice all of his stuffing flying out. But it's too funny to watch her dance with him. She told me she learned her dancing steps from the people on So You Think You Can Dance. During America's Next Top Model that she watches, we get to see the model poses and strut she learns from them too. These pictures I caught yesterday are really terrible because She makes me sit on the couch while she runs on stage to watch her and if I move from my seat to try to capture a better shot she yells at me and won'tlet me take a picture. So I had to improvise and get all of the scrapbook junk that's on the tables too.
and one last shot... this is her in my room. She brought in all the stuffed animals and layed them out at their party. And all of my shoes are piling out of the closet because she tried most of them on. When she had the green ones on she did her new little Yoda voice for me. It's the funniest thing, she sounds just like him.

Alright, so I think that's enough silly Tabitha moments for the day!

July 15, 2007

Another week gone by...

So, nothing too exciting happened this week. I went to the cannery with my mom earlier in the week to help fill the orders from our ward.I bet I looked cute in that hairnet haha! Last night my uncle and his family were here from Utah. So we went to dnner with them at Macayos and then to the Bellagio to watch the fountains. I could probably sit there all night, I love them! Can I just say though, tourists and taxis on the strip get on my nerves. Today, Tabitha helped me make these cupcakes. Ske's my little helper in the kitchen. She likes to flex her muscles for me and say that she's strong enough to help stir. She also requested I take a picture of them so here they are haha.
..then I also finished up sweing the curtains for my sister's bedroom. She picked everything out for them and I just had to sew it all together. So here they are in her room after we went and hung them there this evening.
and just a picture of the fountains. Because being the photo obsessed type I am of course I had to pull out my camera there.

and now I currently sit watching Catch and Release and am about to enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream. YUM. my kind of way to end the week.

Ok I finally uploaded some pics from the 4th

We all went out to the parade in Summerlin that morning. Tabitha enjoyed it a lot.

Had to add this one because I think it's funny with her making her little confused face she does.
...then later that night everyone had a bbq at our house and we did fireworks.

I know it was a hwile ago now, but oh well.

July 11, 2007

Pictures from the park.

Took Tabitha all the way out to Aliante today to go to the dinosaur park. She had fun, but man it was so hot outside! We got slurpees afterwards at Target.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for So You Think You Can Dance to be on tonight. haha. I need a life, yes.

Lots on my mind, but no time to write more now. So, I leave pictures.

July 9, 2007

just a cute picture

I'm slow and haven't sorted out my pictures from fourth of july yet, but here's one of Madison from a few days ago that I edited.

June 30, 2007

This weekend

Went to the Stratosphere last night because it gave us soemthing to do and my cousin, Kandi, had never been up there before. We went to Macayos beforehand, yum! I love how I go there so much that they know what I order! i actually don't get to go as often as I used to though. We were up to like 3 times a week or something when Sarah and I went before or after school since it's across from UNLV. Speaking of Sarah...I am currently sitting around waiting and waiting for a phone call or text from her. Seems predictable that I will not receive one though.. We are supposed to go to the Gwen Stefani concert tonight at the MGM. She got the tickets for her birthday last month and invited me to go with her. However it is typical that even though I say over and over leading up to the event so we are going etc. that when the time comes she ditches out and goes with someone else. Happened in January when we were supposed to go to a different concert also.I suppose it's more of the concept that bothers me. Why tell someone, your best friend nonetheless, that you are going to go with me then at the last minute vanish for the day or a few days after and expect that to show up again as if I would forget about it happening. Ugh. Such is my life I suppose. Didin't mean to ramble on, just the thoughts that are dwelling in my head at the moment. Anyways here are a few more pictures from last night. It was quite windy up there as I'm sure you can tell!