August 20, 2007


Sorry for the huge lack of updating recently. I haven't been home very much the past few weeks. I don't really have anything too exciting to say that I've done though. Just been hanging out and doing the usual stuff such as going to the movies, lots of eating out, and off roading. I have to start school in a week so I've been just tyring to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I relaly am not looking forward to going back to school too much. I need to find a job that can fill up the other days too. I seem to have bad luck in that area. Anyway, that is a little of what I have been up to. I'll write more updates later, promise!

August 1, 2007

swing, swing, swing

So, it appears I have been lacking on the updates. I've finally been busy doing more than sitting around the house. Feels good to finally get out and have some fun. The other night I went out to the Cheesecake Factory and played some guitar hero 'til 3 in the morning. Definitely fun but I am not very skilled at playing it! Yesterday went out to Buffalo Wild Wings. Then we went swinging at a park. I love to swing haha. Just some good ol' fun like when you are a kid. After that we went to the strip. Played at gameworks and then headed over to Bellagio. That seems to be the place of interest with ever group I go out with these days. That's okay though because I could watch the fountains for hours. Anyway here's a few more pics from last night.