June 30, 2007

This weekend

Went to the Stratosphere last night because it gave us soemthing to do and my cousin, Kandi, had never been up there before. We went to Macayos beforehand, yum! I love how I go there so much that they know what I order! i actually don't get to go as often as I used to though. We were up to like 3 times a week or something when Sarah and I went before or after school since it's across from UNLV. Speaking of Sarah...I am currently sitting around waiting and waiting for a phone call or text from her. Seems predictable that I will not receive one though.. We are supposed to go to the Gwen Stefani concert tonight at the MGM. She got the tickets for her birthday last month and invited me to go with her. However it is typical that even though I say over and over leading up to the event so we are going etc. that when the time comes she ditches out and goes with someone else. Happened in January when we were supposed to go to a different concert also.I suppose it's more of the concept that bothers me. Why tell someone, your best friend nonetheless, that you are going to go with me then at the last minute vanish for the day or a few days after and expect that to show up again as if I would forget about it happening. Ugh. Such is my life I suppose. Didin't mean to ramble on, just the thoughts that are dwelling in my head at the moment. Anyways here are a few more pictures from last night. It was quite windy up there as I'm sure you can tell!

Just a card I made for my mom's cousin Cheryl's baby shower last weekend. I need to sew my sister's curtains tomorrow possibly or sometime soon.

June 29, 2007

This is precisely why

I always say i am ging to stop watching reality contest shows. I can always see what is coming and then once the fact happens it just makes me angry haha. Point at stake, So You Think You Can Dance. Last night's results were predictable yet ruthless nonetheless. I for one believe that Jessie would have been safe if she were able to dance the previous night with her partner. He was kept safe and when they got to perform it last night it looked good. I believe that the judges just kicked her off because of her being in the hospital and the unknown wellness factor of her health. They don't want the risk of it. Ok, I will say that I had no idea what she was thinking when she came out doing the little hip hop act as her dance to save her life. No clue why she didn't do her regular style there. I still don't think that was the factor of why they sent her away though. If you saw all 4 of the girls dancing for their lives didn't do anything spectacular. Walking on to stage and taking your jacket off for most of your time, what is that? The judges usually give us like a 5 minute dissertation on why they made their decision of the night. However this time all he said was Jessi you're leaving us tonight. Mmhmm. In other words, cedric pssssh yeah he needs to go too.

Ok I'll shut up and stop rambling on about it now. haha. It just bugs me how all of these shows are so predictable and most the time the people that stay do so based on preferences to personality and the favorings of the panel rather than the actual skill. Happens all the time.

I did however enjoy Neil's solo dance. Any thoughts on any of the dancers?

end rant.

June 18, 2007


I made this today for my best friend. She got married a month ago tomorrow.
I've had this stuff sitting around for a while now and just got around to actually making it for her. I like the way it turned out.

June 17, 2007

a slip into the past..

a current view when I look down I see this. My feet and my new $2.50 jellies that I just had to get from Target. haha I mean they were dirt cheap and and they bring back sweet memories of the past. This spring/summer these shoes have popped back into all kinds of stores and the moment anyone who knows me has seen them they immediately tell me I have to get them. The funny part is half of them didn't even know me when I was little to know that I was obsessed over them. I loved these shoes and wore them everywhere I went. Case in point, the photo below is taken during a camping trip. Not sure if it's the best time to wear some plastic shoes, but I sure did. The only thing I hated about my oh so favorite shoes was the fact that rocks would constantly get stuck in the heels. Besides that they were perfect :] alright I think that's enough reminiscing for the moment. oh yeah, did I mention that I also have an obsession over all things pink? I'm sure you haven't noticed by now*wink*

June 14, 2007

playing today

She was freezing in the water but thinks that it's fun to splash around in her mini pool. Too bad we don't have a built in pool. That would be nice!

lollipop sugar cookies

Found these while searching for something fun to make with Tabitha today. Thinking we'll try to make them soon. Today we stuck with the more simple choice and made some chocolate chip cookies. Delicious! Love that she enjoys helping me bake and wants to always help in the kitchen. The other night when I was away from home I came back to hear that she had taken out the cookie sheets from the cupboard and asked when I would be home to help make her make cookie dough. Things like this make my days brighter :]

June 13, 2007

Sunset shot ...

Nothing like a sunset on the beach. Love the warm sand between my toes and the smell of the ocean air. Peaceful bliss. Don't know why but I like this picture I snapped of it.

Some things I've been working on recently

My mom loves Snoopy so I made this rag quilt for her for Mother's day last month. Funny that I never make quilts for myself. Or usually anything for that matter. I love making things for other though. I think they are all probably getting sick of recieving stuff I make though haha.

Needed something new to fill in an empty space on my wall so I made this with some pressed flowers I had been drying out.

This is a little felt doll that I made for my neice.

I also finally just finished my scrapbook from my trip to Washington DC. Feels good to finally get it done. I'm happy with it. Maybe I'll put some pics of my favorite pages up.

fresh start...

So I had a blog before on a different site, but it never got used. I'm starting a new one today to have a place to keep everything together. I'm so inspired by many different blogs I find...so many talented, creative, and thoughtful people. I don't have as much to offer as many of the blogs I enjoy reading but at least I'll have a place to store some memories of all the tucked away thoughts and creations I tend to forget about. So here goes...