June 17, 2007

a slip into the past..

a current view when I look down I see this. My feet and my new $2.50 jellies that I just had to get from Target. haha I mean they were dirt cheap and and they bring back sweet memories of the past. This spring/summer these shoes have popped back into all kinds of stores and the moment anyone who knows me has seen them they immediately tell me I have to get them. The funny part is half of them didn't even know me when I was little to know that I was obsessed over them. I loved these shoes and wore them everywhere I went. Case in point, the photo below is taken during a camping trip. Not sure if it's the best time to wear some plastic shoes, but I sure did. The only thing I hated about my oh so favorite shoes was the fact that rocks would constantly get stuck in the heels. Besides that they were perfect :] alright I think that's enough reminiscing for the moment. oh yeah, did I mention that I also have an obsession over all things pink? I'm sure you haven't noticed by now*wink*

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Anonymous said...

omg...jelly shoes are the bomb!! i had like 2 or 3 if not more pairs of 'em when i was a little kid. i freaking love them!! i'd so wear if i ever found me a pair of 'em!! hehe