June 30, 2007

This weekend

Went to the Stratosphere last night because it gave us soemthing to do and my cousin, Kandi, had never been up there before. We went to Macayos beforehand, yum! I love how I go there so much that they know what I order! i actually don't get to go as often as I used to though. We were up to like 3 times a week or something when Sarah and I went before or after school since it's across from UNLV. Speaking of Sarah...I am currently sitting around waiting and waiting for a phone call or text from her. Seems predictable that I will not receive one though.. We are supposed to go to the Gwen Stefani concert tonight at the MGM. She got the tickets for her birthday last month and invited me to go with her. However it is typical that even though I say over and over leading up to the event so we are going etc. that when the time comes she ditches out and goes with someone else. Happened in January when we were supposed to go to a different concert also.I suppose it's more of the concept that bothers me. Why tell someone, your best friend nonetheless, that you are going to go with me then at the last minute vanish for the day or a few days after and expect that to show up again as if I would forget about it happening. Ugh. Such is my life I suppose. Didin't mean to ramble on, just the thoughts that are dwelling in my head at the moment. Anyways here are a few more pictures from last night. It was quite windy up there as I'm sure you can tell!


Jen Rose said...

Oh I'm so sorry about the concert? Did you really not go? That's not really a good friend then. Anyways, I'm glad you had fun at the Stratosphere. Did you ride any of the rides? I would never.

I can't believe that you recognized my mom. That is such a small world! What ward are you in and what is your last name?

Anonymous said...

wow what a pretty view!! sounds like a cool place to be!!

thats scks bout missing the concert though.... :(