June 29, 2007

This is precisely why

I always say i am ging to stop watching reality contest shows. I can always see what is coming and then once the fact happens it just makes me angry haha. Point at stake, So You Think You Can Dance. Last night's results were predictable yet ruthless nonetheless. I for one believe that Jessie would have been safe if she were able to dance the previous night with her partner. He was kept safe and when they got to perform it last night it looked good. I believe that the judges just kicked her off because of her being in the hospital and the unknown wellness factor of her health. They don't want the risk of it. Ok, I will say that I had no idea what she was thinking when she came out doing the little hip hop act as her dance to save her life. No clue why she didn't do her regular style there. I still don't think that was the factor of why they sent her away though. If you saw all 4 of the girls dancing for their lives didn't do anything spectacular. Walking on to stage and taking your jacket off for most of your time, what is that? The judges usually give us like a 5 minute dissertation on why they made their decision of the night. However this time all he said was Jessi you're leaving us tonight. Mmhmm. In other words, cedric pssssh yeah he needs to go too.

Ok I'll shut up and stop rambling on about it now. haha. It just bugs me how all of these shows are so predictable and most the time the people that stay do so based on preferences to personality and the favorings of the panel rather than the actual skill. Happens all the time.

I did however enjoy Neil's solo dance. Any thoughts on any of the dancers?

end rant.

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