June 13, 2007

Some things I've been working on recently

My mom loves Snoopy so I made this rag quilt for her for Mother's day last month. Funny that I never make quilts for myself. Or usually anything for that matter. I love making things for other though. I think they are all probably getting sick of recieving stuff I make though haha.

Needed something new to fill in an empty space on my wall so I made this with some pressed flowers I had been drying out.

This is a little felt doll that I made for my neice.

I also finally just finished my scrapbook from my trip to Washington DC. Feels good to finally get it done. I'm happy with it. Maybe I'll put some pics of my favorite pages up.

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Anonymous said...

i am so jealous!! lol i love the things that you make...they are very cute. someday when i get my own apartment i'm so gonna pay you to decorate it since i lack all of skills of creativity whats so ever...haha