October 29, 2007

my rae lyn is...

to all the people who knew and loved my rae lyn..i'm so sorry to tell all of you that she is no longer here with us all. rae had an accident coming home from california on saturday night. she passed away and won't be able to say good bye to you..i know she loved her computer and phone and all her friends who cared so much for her. please know that we want you to feel free to post any comments and we will keep them for rae. and you please keep her memory always in your hearts. she loves you...if you want to know any funeral details please email pamcassedy@hotmail.com
love mom

October 19, 2007

halloween time!

So, I'm suppose to be going to lunch with a couple of friends from high school right now. They called and pushed the time back though so I had time to jump on here. I've been working on getting a bunch of littlemail packages together the past few days to send to a bunch of my friends. Nothing too special, I just think it's fun to send random mail sometimes because it's always fun to get mail. ok, well I never get fun mail, but like sending it out haha. I should be writing a paper on schizophrenia instead. That just sounds like no fun though at the moment. Anyways, I also made this last night to send out to one of my friends that got married in September., I missed her wedding so I thought I should send her something.

You'veprobably noticed before that I love skulls and I love Halloween. I just love walking through the stores right now when they have all of the halloween stuff out! I stictehd these two little matching skulls last night. They'remade out of felt, i like the way they turned out.
And last but not least, of course I went crazy and bought tons of random stuff at Target. Everything from a table runner and palcemats to a shower curtain, towels, potholder, picture frames, litttle kickballs, and pez dispenser. Yeah, I'm a little crazy haha!

October 15, 2007

this little one is so hard to take pictures of nowadays. She just moves all over the place too fast and if you do happen to catch her attention she tries to grab the camera. these are from yesterday. I like her cute faces in them.
These two are of the girls playing with my cousin's dogs. We all went over there yesterday before they left to Jamaica. I guess I spoke too soon when I was talking about wedding fever though yesterday because today my best friend informed me that apparently she got engaged over the past 2 days and is going to get married now too. I'm pretty much the only single one now. I'm slightly jealous haha. But there's plenty of time.

October 14, 2007

wedding mania

alright, so I have been completely slacking on updating anything on here lately. I read everyone else's pages but, I never think anyone reads my blog so I just forget to put anything up. I have mainly just beendong lots of school sine it started again. Now it's halfway throught the semester. I'm doing much better than last year. Well, it's pretty easy to do seeing as how last year I stopped going and failed out of my classes. This year I told myself I had to be into it though so I actually make it to my classes and have been getting A's on everything. Other than that I've just been haning out and doing the usual. I ordered a new truck a couple weeks ago. I had been looking around and waiting for about a month and they never got a black one in like I wanted so I finally just ordered one. Should be here in a few weeks. I'm excited but I'll miss my little neon. I need to get a job like pronto though to make the payments. Of course, I've been trying to geta decent job for like a year or more now though. I'm having terrible luck.
In good news though, wedding fever seems to be in the air lately. A lot of my friends from high school have gotten married this year. It's kind of strange actually. So, here are a few pictures from my friend Kelli's wedding that was a few weeks back and then from last night's wedding of my cousin Nick.