October 19, 2007

halloween time!

So, I'm suppose to be going to lunch with a couple of friends from high school right now. They called and pushed the time back though so I had time to jump on here. I've been working on getting a bunch of littlemail packages together the past few days to send to a bunch of my friends. Nothing too special, I just think it's fun to send random mail sometimes because it's always fun to get mail. ok, well I never get fun mail, but like sending it out haha. I should be writing a paper on schizophrenia instead. That just sounds like no fun though at the moment. Anyways, I also made this last night to send out to one of my friends that got married in September., I missed her wedding so I thought I should send her something.

You'veprobably noticed before that I love skulls and I love Halloween. I just love walking through the stores right now when they have all of the halloween stuff out! I stictehd these two little matching skulls last night. They'remade out of felt, i like the way they turned out.
And last but not least, of course I went crazy and bought tons of random stuff at Target. Everything from a table runner and palcemats to a shower curtain, towels, potholder, picture frames, litttle kickballs, and pez dispenser. Yeah, I'm a little crazy haha!


Amber said...

You updated your blog! I had lots of reading to do. Those skulls are so cute & so is that wedding frame.

Jen Rose said...

Sounds like you love Halloween! Cute picture frame...and I love the felt dolls! Good job :)