July 11, 2007

Pictures from the park.

Took Tabitha all the way out to Aliante today to go to the dinosaur park. She had fun, but man it was so hot outside! We got slurpees afterwards at Target.

Now I'm sitting here waiting for So You Think You Can Dance to be on tonight. haha. I need a life, yes.

Lots on my mind, but no time to write more now. So, I leave pictures.


Heather said...

We live right by that park. Funny how we haven't visited it in many months. It is too hot. Nice pictures.

Kathy said...

The water looks refreshing and cold. But I wouldn't want to be out in the heat!
I L-O-V-E So You Think You Can Dance. Sabra and Domonic are my fave couple.

Jen Rose said...

I heard that park is fun! I'll have to take my "kiddies" there soon!

Morna said...

Great work.