July 19, 2007

what a little nut

During the day this is what my life consists of.....

Tabitha the actress. Scene of the day: man crashing on his bike. First we get the face during his crash here. Next she proceeded to pull down her eyes with her fingers which was his hurt face. I'll skip putting that one on because it's kind of gross looking with her eyes yeah...lol Seconds later she was on the ground "dead" and I had to call the abulance. She's definitely not lacking an imagination haha!

OH, and here is her "boyfriend"---He's one of those stuffed pouting dolls that my mom has but she calls him her boyfriend and carries him around the house with her. He;s falling apart now.
Here she is dancing with her man. Notice all of his stuffing flying out. But it's too funny to watch her dance with him. She told me she learned her dancing steps from the people on So You Think You Can Dance. During America's Next Top Model that she watches, we get to see the model poses and strut she learns from them too. These pictures I caught yesterday are really terrible because She makes me sit on the couch while she runs on stage to watch her and if I move from my seat to try to capture a better shot she yells at me and won'tlet me take a picture. So I had to improvise and get all of the scrapbook junk that's on the tables too.
and one last shot... this is her in my room. She brought in all the stuffed animals and layed them out at their party. And all of my shoes are piling out of the closet because she tried most of them on. When she had the green ones on she did her new little Yoda voice for me. It's the funniest thing, she sounds just like him.

Alright, so I think that's enough silly Tabitha moments for the day!

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